Mesa Vista Culture Day

May 3rd

THURSDAY, MAY 3, 2018, 9:00-3:45
Mesa Vista High School Gymnasium
9:00 - Welcoming by Interim Superintendent, Elaine Romero
It's a Small World by El Rito Elementary Students, directed by Tony Lujan
and Jerralynn Terrazas
Estrellita by El Rito Elementary Students, directed by Jerralynn Terrazas
Native Lullaby by El Rito Elementary Students, directed by Tony Lujan
Healing through our Culture, Keynote by Jimmy Santiago Baca
10:00 - Unveiling of Nuestra Cultura, an El Rito Elementary student
retablo project with Nicholas Herrera
Nuevo Mexico Lindo y Querido, and La Llorona, handmade cigar-box
guitars by Ojo Caliente Elementary Students, directed by Cipriano Vigil
10:30 - Honoring of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren by Senators
Linda Lopez and Richard Martinez
Toom-Bah-Ee-Lero by El Rito Elementary AND Ojo Caliente Elementary
students - directed by Tony Lujan - a collaborative project with Cipriano
All around Mesa Vista Campus
11:00 - 1:00 STUDENT LUNCH and Fundraising booths
1:00 Booths and Special Sessions
2:30 - Marcha de los NiƱos, led by Mesa Vista Middle and High School
Spanish classes, begins in High School Gymnasium
Ojo Caliente Gym/Cafeteria
3:00 - Dedication of the Ojo Caliente Gym/Cafeteria to United States
Veterans, Color Guard will be present.
3:45 Student dismissal


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